Have Tool Belt, Will Travel

Would you feel safer in your bathroom if some good grab bars were installed? Or perhaps you have an annoying faucet drip but don’t want to call a plumber for such a small job. Then there’s that burned-out light bulb in the closet, but you can no longer climb a ladder to reach it. Never fear! One of CCG’s newest ministries is the answer to your prayers!

Helping Hands was formed to assist our church’s members, especially our aging ones, with these and similar chores. Under the umbrella of our newest Commission – Pastoral Care – Helping Hands is a group of CCG handymen who are ready to apply their considerable skills to tackle your home’s “To Do” list. In recent weeks Helping Hands has installed new light fixtures for one parishioner, changed round knobs for levers in another home and loaned a pick-up truck and some muscle to move a purchase from a local home supply store. To learn more or to request assistance, just contact Parish Administrator Karen Corbett at the church office, 771-1544.