Healing Ministry

THE PRAYER CHAIN allows parishioners to participate in praying daily for others. Names for the Prayer Chain list (which is confidential) are given through the request cards in the pews or calls to the office. There is no limit to the reasons for prayer (physical, mental/emotional problems, relationships, job finding, relocating, those in the military, grieving families, etc. – the list goes on). The names remain on the list for 2 weeks or more if feedback is given. If no feedback is forthcoming, names may have to be removed to make room for others. Those with severe problems may be on the list much longer as long as feedback is received. And of course we all rejoice and give thanks when someone has been released from their problems/illness.

PRAYER INTERCESSORS serve the parish on the first and third Sundays at all services offering prayers through laying on of hands for each person coming before them and/or for persons not present. They are also available in the upstairs chapel on all Sundays between 10 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. In fact, any time a person is in need of prayer for themselves or someone else an Intercessor will be there. Look for someone wearing a purple nametag and they will be glad to assist you. There is something very comforting about the feeling of human touch in the laying on of hands, a sense of Christ’s Love there ‘when two or three are gathered together’.

COMFORT AND JOY provides healing shawls to those in our parish and beyond who are in need of either comfort or our sharing in their joy. Since our commissioning as a ministry of the parish in October, 2003, we have knitted and distributed over 250 shawls to many within the parish and to others dear to us in other places. Shawls continue to be blessed on the second Sunday of each month and often a large basket full of shawls is emptied in a hurry. We have a constant “loaves and fishes” experience with our supply, as we soon find there are more shawls ready when we need them. Groups in other places have begun knitting prayer shawls simply because a shawl from Christ Church was sent to a member of that parish and people were inspired to begin making their own.

To participate in the Healing Ministry please contact: