The vestry is the governing body of the parish. It is made up of twelve lay members of the parish. This includes Senior Warden, Junior Warden, and nine members-at-large. Members at large serve staggered three-year terms, so three new members are elected each year at the Annual Meeting. Additionally, there is one member elected from the youth of our parish for a one year term. The vestry meets once a month for approximately two hours to conduct the official business of the parish. Normally, each vestry member serves as liaison to a commission.

Current Members

George Bergen, Maria Gerber, Art Pizzano, Jim Walch, Rob Withers, Loring Leitzel, Steve Benson, The Rev. David Pfaff

Heather Watson, Karen Leugers, Kathye Nippert, Juliette Stuard, Maralee Viox

  • Art Pizzano, Senior Warden
  • George Bergen, Junior Warden

Term Expiring January, 2019

  • Steve Benson
  • Karen Leugers
  • Maralee Viox

Term Expiring January, 2020

  • Maria Gerber
  • Jim Walch
  • Heather Watson

Term Expiring January, 2021

  • Kathye Nippert
  • Juliette Stuard
  • Rob Withers

Youth Representative Loring Leitzel