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One of the first major projects of the search process was to create a Parish Profile that would inform Rector candidates who we are, how we have arrived at this point in time and what strengths we are looking for in our next Rector. The use of the four symbols in our Parish Logo creates a genuine uniqueness for our Profile. This is an updatable document that will become part of our long and storied history. The creation of this Profile drew on the multiple talents of the entire Search Committee. Spearheaded by the creative and editing talents of Helene Sedwick, . Andrew Cole then did a fantastic job of incorporating meaningful photographs in the final formatting process. As we renew our Rector search, we have updated the Profile to include 2015 accomplishments and Parochial Report numbers, as well as 2016 budget figures. We hope you enjoy this document.

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Rev. David A. Pfaff Rector Elect.

David will commence officiating at all 3 services on Sunday, July 24. He will arrive in Glendale a week or so earlier in order to settle in and prepare to begin his ministry at CCG. He will be joined by his spouse, Emily, their 7th grade son, Edward, and the family pets later this summer. The couple's other 2 children, Helen and Andrew, are college aged and details of their immediate plans will be influenced by their individual schedules.


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The mission of Christ Church Glendale is to reach out warmly to all people, worship passionately, nurture our community and encourage spiritual growth in order to reconcile ourselves to God and each other in Christ.

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